We are a Brazilian company, established in 1990, operating with Consultancy, Advisory, Business Operations and Commercial Representation in Import and Export of Raw Materials, Supplies, Machinery, Equipment, Goods and Technological Projects in Outsourcing, Procurement, Marketing, Logistics activities , Customs Clearance, Exchange, Insurance and Legislation.


We support companies interested in new solutions to their problems of productivity and marketing, we are looking for new sources of supplies for modernization of its industrial facilities or new customers for your products line with consequent improvements in quality of products.


Our work seeks business opportunities internationally by opening borders with a policy of conquest of new markets, locating and contacting companies interested in maintaining a trade with Brazil, aimed at strengthening international relationship between countries and economic blocs.


WKS have excellent employees in Brazil and abroad, access to many international Database, technical Know How high, large contacts and sufficient communication vehicles for searching and locating products.


We present intelligent, profitable and innovative solutions for any size of company.


Our partners find the necessary security at WKS for strong growth.




  • Technical Work high level;
  • Quality assured in actual results;
  • Ethics in dealing with privileged information;
  • Security of data;
  • Personalized service.