Strategic Management

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the situation of the company
  • Development and implementation of Strategic Business Plan
  • Development of marketing policy for sales abroad
  • Integration with the production process for review of technical details and specifications appropriate
  • Strategic relationship with the internal areas of the company, such as product development, legal department and financial, to expedite the progress of the operations of import and export
  • Adapting products to Brazilian Standards and International Certifications
  • Negotiation of contracts with legal consultancy
  • Negotiating of funding for the process feasibility
  • Analysis of the company's Trade Balance


  • Identification of the product, equipment, goods or technology project of interest to the customer
  • Prospecting for new buyers / sellers
  • Preparation of business proposals and closing business
  • Negotiating supply contracts with legal consultancy
  • Inspection of goods
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Negotiation and closer relationship with buyer / seller
  • Business Feasibility Analysis
  • Strategies to buy and sell


Management of Foreign Trade

  • Analysis and preparation of documents relating to import and export
  • Analysis of quotations
  • Preparation of pricing for export
  • Preparation of cost sheets for imports
  • Preparation of invoices to import
  • Receipt of purchase orders and preparation of Pro Forma Invoice
  • Preparation of the complete dossier regarding transactions
  • International Trade Department


International Logistics

  • Analysis and detailing of packing
  • Analysis of distribution channels and means of transportation, frequency of delivery and other commercial details
  • Monitoring of loading and unloading of goods, collecting samples, technical analysis and issue of inspection reports by Classification Societies, in Brazil and abroad (SGS, BVQI, ABS, DNV, SNCH, ITC and others)
  • International Logistics


International Shipping

  • Identification of the best means of transportation: ports, airports, highways, dry ports, free ports and  areas with government incentives, entrepôt customs
  • Contract of Areas in warehouse
  • Contract of Domestic Shipping for managing the logistics of moving the load to the customer's facilities and vice-versa


International Insurance

  • Analysis and identification of routes and critical paths and contract Insurance International Cargo
  • International freight


Customs Clearance

  • Coordination of operations of Customs Broker and follow-up of the processes for the customers
  • Coordination and management of Drawback operations in all modes and other special regimes
  • Classification of products (Harmonized System Code) according to International Standards
  • Customs Clearance



  • Coordination of foreign exchange transactions: acting as agent between customers, banks and brokerage exchange; we seek to obtain the best rates and market conditions to closings Exchange Import, Export, opening Letters of Credit, advances on foreign exchange contracts, financing for imports and exports etc.



  • Legislation of Foreign Trade