Aiming to meet the companies that do not have a Department of Foreign Trade is that the WKS acts as an outsourced department (outsourcing), giving the customer support needed for it to develop its core business without worrying about this kind of work and making the activity of foreign trade quite attractive and accessible to any size of business structure, whether micro, small, medium or large company.


The Consultancy also attends to companies who already have a foreign trade department, but who wish to gain new customers or find new suppliers without involving its current structure in the process.


The search for new sources of supply for importing or opening new export markets takes time and high cost, which in many cases turns out to not be economically viable for the company engage its own staff on this journey.


Thus, the Outsourcing becomes a very viable alternative.




  • Opening new markets for buying and selling products in the International Scenario;
  • Improve Manufacturing Productivity or increase its product line;
  • Location, selection and qualification of suppliers / consumers, supported by a highly professional team of Marketing;
  • Relief of work overload: The companies keep free to make others functional priorities and core business;
  • Start the Consulting only when ready to perform a service: no bureaucratic difficulties, no occupy physical space in the company;
  • Low risk of the client in foreign trade transactions: the decision to import or export only happens after they analyzed all costs thereof.




The WKS Trade Representative is for several national and foreign companies.


The Business Intermediary allows Brazilian companies import and export directly the products that we offer, making faster and easier the process of buying and selling, with the possibility of having the rep right next exporter, facilitating information support, logistical support that make necessary and solving any problems that may possibly exist, without delay and with reliability, making the importer or exporter does not feel alone in this process.